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Stress Management

Shakespeare said: “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Stress is our negative psychological reaction to an event; it is not the event itself.

The message we give our bodies – one of irritation or acceptance – is the message to which our bodies will answer. Our bodies do not know the difference between the stressful pictures we visualise as “real” in our mind, or events that are actually happening. The situations in our lives are neither negative nor positive – they just are.

It is our personal reaction or response to them that labels them as one thing or another. The body retains everything it has ever experienced – all the events, emotions, stresses and pains are locked within the bodily system. Our body becomes like a walking autobiography. Many medical investigators contend that there is hardly a major illness that cannot be triggered by profound stress and anxiety.

We express hidden and denied messages through our bodies all the time, usually without being aware of it. When we are in denial, our stress grows. Denial can follow us into the grave.

Techniques include:

-The mind-body connection and the true implications on your life

-Managing your thoughts to increase and sustain your wellbeing

-Uncovering your unique belief-system that leads to your greatest stress

-Various practical relaxation techniques

-Teaching the body messages of joy, success, hope, love and wellness

-How to find meaning even in a stress-filled life

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