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Coaching for Spiritual Intelligence

The aspects of spiritual intelligence include:

Critical Existential Thinking: 

The nature of reality; Purpose or reason for existence; Contemplation of what happens after death; Theories of life, death, reality and existence; Meaning of life events; Relationship between humans and the universe; Contemplation of greater power.

Personal Meaning Production: 

Finding meaning and purpose in stress; Purpose or reason for life; Meaning in failure; Decisions according to your purpose; Meaning and purpose in everyday experiences.

Transcendental Awareness: 

Experience deeper than the physical; Sensing other than the physical and material; Having a deeper connection with others; Experience of the deeper and nonphysical self; Experience of the non-material aspects of life; Experience qualities other than the body, personality and emotions; Coming to essence through non-material aspects.

Conscious State Expansion: 

Entering higher states of 
of consciousness; Controlling higher states of consciousness; Moving freely between levels of consciousness; Seeing issues and choices clearly in a higher state of consciousness; Techniques of
entering higher states of consciousness.

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