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Inner Sanctuary Training

Inner Sanctuary Training can be used to get in touch with your spiritual qualities and strengths and begin to express love and spiritual abilities in your life. This allows you to gain and have the use of your inner senses for greater intuitive and creative ability.

This gives you the spiritual vision to see the Big Picture and recognise yourself as both a physical and spiritual being which will give you greater feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

When you are more loving in your self-expression to others, you are able to use intuitive and spiritual abilities to channel love and healing to others, your family, your home, workplace, and intimate relationships.

Establish your Inner Sanctuary, a sacred place where you can go to connect with Spirit to:
a.   Restore your energy.
b.   Receive spiritual insight and answers.
c.    Create and manifest ideas and goals.
d.   Strengthen my Purpose and Direction.
e.    Be a channel of healing love 

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