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Energy Healing

Energy healing extends to the following:

Subtle energy anatomy and vibrational healing (The nature of the soul)

Permanent seed atoms of the soul (Nerve systems) 

The four physical ethers (The left heart ventricle and heart meridian) 

The etheric body (Bio-etheric healing: how it works)

The seven psychological rays and the chakras (A spiritual journey through the chakras)

The Archetypes (Spiritual and karmic issues, After-life elementals & karmic influences)

Severe karmic energies (Anger, Lust, Fanaticism)

Spiritual aspects of life before life (Womb purifications: abortions and miscarriages) 

The spiritual side of birth trauma (Birth defects and accidents)

Pre-natal soul fragmentation (Reasons why birth is such a powerful, imprinting event)

Universal body movements in cellular consciousness and what they mean 

Birth, Death and Organic Energy (Caesarean birth, karmic memories and the present lifetime)

Specialized elementals (Identifying the original elemental: healing soul trauma) 

Know thy self (The Eastern traditional way and the way of Jung)

The Emergence of the Divine Child (Healing intense heart fears trapped in the unconscious mind & The mind/heart connection)

Unconscious death urges (Signs of unconscious death urges, type and source of unconscious death urges)

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