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The word Ro-hun means:
Ro means vibration and Hun means healing.

Rohun is the vibration of healing. “In RoHun we learn to work from our hearts and use our psychic ability to see.”

“Rohun” is a carrier of 4 Major enlightened thoughts. Two from the west and two from the east:

From the West: Unconditional love and Forgiveness - (spiritual understanding).

From the East: Self knowledge - (Journey into wholeness) Continuity of consciousness – (The Continuum of life, death Rebirth and the process of evolution).

Rohun carries these 4 major truths from cognitive and physical information to inner self and personal realization. It is an energetic process of clearing, healing and enlightenment. Rohun works by releasing the blocked negative energies trapped within these following areas:

- The human body and the human energy field
- Self-concept
- Memories of past experiences
- Current behaviour

Through thoughts and feelings about life Rohun opens the doors to spiritual consciousness to assist with the arrival of enlightenment. It brings awareness or light to deeply embedded negative emotions and thoughts, and the negative perceptions that cover the surface of the mind in the waking state.

Rohun is a transformation therapy and process of enlightenment, blending the spiritual and psychological processes for individual evolution on both levels. The course of therapy follows a progression of steps in individuation from ego development to ego transcendence. The objectives of the first phase are more “healing” orientated.

The focus is on clearing the client of blocks and self-limitation that resulted from traumas, negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, as well as dysfunctional life scripts. It is a corrective and cleansing phase that balances the male-female energies, and sets in motion a positive energy field that attracts greater, more loving experiences to the client.

The second phase is in a higher evolutionary vein with the direct efforts toward self-realization and transformation. As a higher self emerges, spiritual and psychic abilities are activated for practical purposes in everyday life.

Rohun is a branch of transpersonal psychology that utilizes a systematic and spiritual energy approach to healing the human psyche and emotions past, present and future. Rohun is an advanced form of psycho-spiritual energy therapy that facilitates healing from what Jung refers to as the “unconscious mind”.

Transpersonal Psychology is the extension of psychological studies into consciousness studies, spiritual inquiry, body-mind relationships and transformation. Carl Jung first coined the term transpersonal when he used the phrase “transpersonal unconscious” as a synonym for “collective unconscious”.

A key stimulus for the establishment of transpersonal psychology as a distinct field of inquiry was Abraham H. Maslow’s research on self-actualising persons. Maslow’s work addressed not only psychological wounding and personal development, but the study of peak experiences, inspired creativity, altruistic ideals and personal actions that transcend ‘ordinary’ personality as well.

The origins process: In the origins process one is taken back to the time of individualization, back into the Source, to heal the break with the sacred and the illusion of separation. This process integrates the soul and the ego and brings them back together into unity and awareness.

The divine mother process: In this process you will continue your spiritual evolution by releasing unhealthy attachments, contracts and healing issues with the biological mother, the Divine Mother and mother earth. When we retain non-productive attachments to the “Mother archetype”, we create within ourselves energetic stagnation on all levels of our being. As we heal and release these, we gain strength, determination, independence, inner peace, detached compassion, gratitude and unconditional love.

The seven selves in transformation: The seven selves are the archetypal energies residing in our seven major chakras. The goal of the Seven Selves in Transformation is to guide us in obtaining a collective expression of wholeness. However, before healing, these archetypal energies are split, separated and operate independently of the whole. Archetypal selves usually have little regard or respect for each other. When you recognize, discover, understand and enlighten the seven selves, you create a sacred alchemical marriage and holy communion within the essence of self.

The androgynous process: This process is designed to heal the ignited inner conflicts existing between one’s inner male and female. It is the separation between the masculine and feminine principles that has caused all the pain, sorrow and death in the world. This separation brought about the submergence of the feminine. Every human has to effect a union between the feminine and masculine principles within self and establish a union between the powers of head and heart. Until human consciousness can transform the ancient antagonism between masculine and feminine into a creative and loving alliance, we will remain fragmented and at war with ourselves, as individuals, as couples, as societies and as a race.

Everything is energy, everything has a vibrational frequency. We are all connected as human beings as we are all on a spiritual voyage, a journey as the whole of humanity, to evolve our consciousness through raising our vibration.

The map of human consciousness, as outlined by Dr David Hawkins, include the different vibrational levels that all energetic beings and aspects of creation vibrate on.

The map of consciousness ranges from 20 - 1000. The level of 200 is a critical point from which it becomes feasible for the beginning of possible life affirming creation. At Level 199 and below nothing life affirming can be created. It is only from a level of 200 and rising in consciousness that possibility for truth, life, love, joy and peace can be created.
One of the lowest vibrational levels, is the level of shame which resonates to a number level of 20. The accompanying view is despising and a state of being miserable sprinkled with the emotion of humiliation.

Fear and anxiety resonate at level 100, anger and hate at level 150 and pride and indifference at level 175.

If we want to create an enlightened, peaceful, joyful and loving world, we have to raise our consciousness consistently above the critical level of 200. 

Humanity as a collective presently only resonate at a level of between 204 - 207! Hopefulness resonates at 310, Harmony at 350, Love at 500, Peace at 600, and Enlightenment at 700 - 1000! Let us go on the voyage of building our spiritual and compassionate intelligence.

Compassionate Intelligence is the integration between the heart and mind to live with spiritual intelligence creating a life and a world with truth, love and aware consciousness 

The chakras are also called "the wheels of life". Where the strands of the subtle and physical bodies meet and interact, wheels or chakras are held to exist. 

While these chakras have no physiological existence, they are thought to be focal points for the reception and transmission of energies, veritable psychic dynamos, vortices of force or energy. Each center consists of three concentric whorls of energy (which rotate at various speeds) determined by the spiritual development of their possessor, and which constantly change both in colour and rhythm. Chakras reveal the state of one's physical health, one's consciousness and personal spiritual development.

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