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Image by Fuu J

Spiritual Intelligence

Critical existential thinking, personal meaning production, expansion of consciousness and transcendental awareness.

Inner Sanctuary Training

Build the inner spiritual fabric.

Image by Ashley Batz

Holo-tropic Breath Work and Other Breathing Techniques

By mastering the power of the breath we gain remarkable powers for healing ourselves in body, mind and spirit.

Hypno-Behavioural Therapy

Healing behavioural disorders through hypnosis.

Spiral Stairs
Holding Hands

Imago Relationship Therapy

This workshop explores the potential for healing and growth that lies in relationships and how to sanctify the sacred space between two people.


Meditation is one of the keys to self-development, self-knowledge, and connection to the divine.

Meditating on Beach
Sunset in the Nature

Enneagram Coaching

Understand others better by learning about the Enneagram's application in the workplace and in the rest of your life.


This workshop teaches conscious dying practices for the self and to facilitate another person's journey into the spirit world.

Image by Josh Hild
Healing Touch Therapy_1


Ro-Hun is a process of clearing, healing and enlightenment.

Soul Psychology

Learning how your soul anatomy works in order to manifest your life in accordance with your soul plan.

Image by Ahmad Odeh
Modern Dancer


Energetic psychodrama combines trance energy work and group work to establish healing on a deep level.

Shamanic Healing

This workshop explores elementals, complexes, existential issues, past lives and spiritual attachment releases.

Image by Neelam Sundaram
Mother and Daughter Love

Imago Singles

This workshop teaches singles self-knowledge, how to get to know how they will show up in a committed relationship, the conflicts to expect with a potential partner and how to regain the "missing" self and restore themselves to wholeness.

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