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Bardo Process

The ultimate journey is our soul's journey going home after death. We need to be educated and trained on how to safely cross the bridge of death. This course teaches an understanding of physical impermanence, to learn how to assist others in dying in a dignified way, that healing and curing are not the same: a cure may not be needed or possible whereas, if love is present healing is inevitable.

The course teaches how to maintain a presence of clarity and courage, allow the dying person to make their own choices, to stay fully present and to learn that your divine essence when dying is very wise and in attendance even when the ego does not acknowledge its sacred presence. 

It teaches how to be a care-giver to assist the dying and how to prepare for your own death and to cross that bridge wisely and fearlessly. This workshop promotes empowering people as they die, to promote unconditional love, assisting the dying with forgiveness and peace. All people want to die fully conscious, with dignity and without pain whether they realise it or not.

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