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It is my deepest hope and wish for all people to live a life of freedom, happiness and abundance. One of the paths to get to that life is to heal our bodies, minds, emotions and souls to resonate to the vibration of love.

It is vital for all human beings to connect to their spirits and their divinity. It is in the path to healing and unconditional love that we realise our greatness and our vulnerability. 

am a psychologist in private practice and I have been practicing for over 30 years. I work differently than some other psychologists in that I incorporate the soul and spirit into my work, not only the mind and emotions.

Our being consists of body, mind, emotion and spirit. I believe that we are channels for Divine energy on earth and it is in this light that I am in service of the people who seek my assistance.

The Conscious Heart aims to be a source to inform, guide and provide service to everyone who visits it. Use it to tap into spiritual and esoteric ideas, identify growth areas, and access available therapies and workshops.

About Elmarie

I practise as a registered Psychologist & Transpersonal Coach in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa. 

I am also registered as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist (The Wellness Institute in the USA), a shamanic practitioner, an energy healer, a Bardo facilitator, an Imago Relationship coach (SA division of the Imago Institute in the USA), a Ro-Hun therapist (Delphi University in the USA), a minister (The Church of Wisdom), a yoga teacher (Young Yoga Institute) and a Journey Through Dance facilitator.


My Qualifications

(B.Soc.Sc; H. B. Soc. Sc.; Masters (Counselling Psychology)(U.O.F.S);

(Masters & Doctorate Transpersonal Psychology)(University of Delphi, U.S.A)

1995 - Present

Psychologist in Private Practice

Professional Registrations
1993 - present
Health Professions Council of
South Africa (HPCSA)
Registered Psychologist
(HPCSA Reg no: PS 0038806)
2000 - present
Wellness Institute (USA)
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
2003 - present
Imago Institute (USA) & Imago
Imago Relationship Therapist

2017 - Present

Senior Psychology Lecturer

Lecturing in psychology to Third year and Post-graduate students.
Supervisor to Counsellors.

1995 – 1997

Psychologist in Medical services in South African Defence Force

Delivering psychological services to adults, children, couples and families.

1992 - 1994

Psychologist in South African Police Force

Providing psychological services to individuals, groups; psycho-education to police members; psychological profiling.

1991 - 1992

Psychology lecturer

Lecturer at Boputhatswana University

1999 - Present

Workshop Presenter

Imago Relationship Therapy Workshops

Spiritual Intelligence Workshops

Soul Psychology Workshops

Bardo - Death and Dying Workshops

Holotropic Breathwork Workshops

Psychodrama Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Meditation Workshops

2011 - Present

Psychology Researcher

Development of a Coaching Model for Spiritual Intelligence

2012 - Present

Enneagram Coach 

Enneagram Coaching 
Integrative coaching: the Enneagram and Spirituality

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