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Hypno-behavioural Therapy

The following can be helped and healed by hypno-behavioural therapy:

​Addictions: stopping the addictive cycle and releasing the core trauma.

Mind-Body connection and Stress-related illness: Many people somaticize their emotions and then experience a variety of diseases, e.g. Asthma, ulcers, colitis, allergies, TMJ, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, chronic pain (adjunct to medical care); releasing the core cause and managing the body.

Pain Control and Anaesthesia: Retraining the mind through suggestions on cd's and through teaching the client self-hypnosis.

Co-dependency: treating fear of intimacy and addiction to unhealthy relationships, learning self-care and appropriate boundaries.

Incest and Sexual Abuse: empowerment through the release of suppressed trauma, healthy reprinting at the most effective development stage.

Fears, Phobias and Anxiety Disorders: agoraphobia, claustrophobia, PTSD, social phobia and more.

Dissociative Patterns and Disorder: In the treatment of the behaviour, the source of the dissociation is released, belief systems are changed, and managing a new lifestyle and exercising self-love are coached.

Birth trauma: accessing early abandonment/ suffocation/ existential/ soul issues.

Sex addiction: Identify and treat sex, co-sex, and love addictions. Taking clients back to the core feeling, which triggers their addictive behaviour and heal the emptiness.

Relationships: Using hypnotherapy techniques to work with relationships, including the double regression, owning our own issues in relationships, and setting clear and permeable boundaries.

Grief, Loss and healthy separation: Identifying unhealthy “styles of leaving” and changing them. Experiencing completion rituals and clear choices about next steps.

Failure to fall pregnant naturally: Removing the blockages in the body and energy system to enable women to fall pregnant naturally.

Perfectionism: Healing and releasing the underlying issues of unworthiness to reclaim inner peace.

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