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The Conscious Heart

Psychological and Spiritual Development through the Wisdom of the Heart

Foggy Pier

Essential Psychological

& Spiritual Tools

Life seems to be filled with chaos, anxiety, and challenges. There comes a time when your existential questions need to be explored and an understanding of the universe's workings is needed. 

As a registered Psychologist and Spiritual Intelligence Coach in Cape Town, South Africa, I am here to support your journey towards self-discovery, growth and integration.

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Transpersonal Coaching

Guiding you on the Path of Consciousness and Self-discovery as a Co-creator with the Universe. 

Your spiritual journey usually starts with the pondering "there must be more to life than this". The mind-body is an advanced biological computer system which decodes information and acts as a vehicle that allows our infinite awareness to interact with the range of frequencies we call the “world”.

Holistic consciousness is comprised of:

Critical Existential Thinking (CET); Personal Meaning Production (PMP); Transcendental Awareness (TA); Conscious State Expansion (CSE)

The Body

Our core spiritual self vibrates much faster than visible light. Without the body, our spirit cannot interact with the “world” because they resonate at different frequencies.

The Self

The mind-body is a lens for consciousness to be able to experience this reality. We have been programmed to self-identify with the lens and not our real spiritual self.

The Soul

Your soul is a higher aspect of you which holds all the experiences of your journeys through many planes of existence. It is a part of you that has been sent to Earth to learn.

The Ego

While your higher self (or soul) knows that you are a spiritual being in a human body, your lower or 'ego' aspect has forgotten what you really are and what your purpose is.

The Earth

Your task on Earth is to remember who you are. Many people are in a soul sleep and unaware that they are spiritual beings. This has to do with the dense nature of this reality.

The Truth

The spiritual self sends our earth selves difficulties and pain. These are not punishments but rather wake-up calls to for people to seek and search for the truth of the soul.

The Experience

As we grow from life's experiences, we strengthen our connection with Spirit and express more of our spiritual qualities. Growing and remembering is why we exist.

The Collective

We live in a cosmic web of unseen informational frequencies. When we 'go online', we access a global collective reality that is accessible around the world.

The Cosmos

The cosmic web is interactive – we receive information but also send thoughts and emotions. Reality can change us and be changed consciously or unconsciously.

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